The AirflowSeat is revolutionary product with many benefits for the modern motor driver.

In the ever growing market of scooters, motor bikes and motors, there is an increasing shortage of parking space and so a growing number of motor bikes driving around in the big monopoles in Europe. One can think of Barcelona, Milan, Paris or Amsterdam where scooters are taking over the leading position of cars. The AirflowSeat is a huge proven success because of its multiple reasons for use such as comfort, safety, ventilation, protection or simply because it makes your vehicle look fantastic!

Nowadays a lot of people use a scooter or motor bike as transport to get to their job. And everybody who does so knows the risk of a wet pants or skirt because of either being stuck at the saddle from sweating or rain. The AirflowSeat is made of 3D high quality material which allows an airflow underneath the saddle which prevents from sweating and vaporizes rain once the vehicle is moving. More speed creates more airflow so this means a dryer ride.

SUN HEAT | If the seat of a vehicle is exposed to the sun the seat can get very hot and painful to sit on initially. However, the seat will remain relatively cool by using an AiflowSeat. Also when driving the AirflowSeat will keep cool the seat because the structure of the AirflowSeat creates ventilation.

COMFORT | The AirflowSeat amplifies the comfort of the standard saddle as the specially designed 3D material functions on itself as a sort of cushion. The elastic effect of the AirflowSeat rather massages the body parts exposed to the seat and not absorbing every bump taken. This means a more comfortable ride.

SAFETY | The AirflowSeat is made of two layers of high quality plastic material which makes sure there is more grip on the saddle. The driver but also a co-passenger such as a child will stick more to the saddle once the vehicle accelerates. This means more safety over all for the driver and co-driver, but also for all other traffic!

LOOKS | The ventilated saddle with the Airflow material looks like black velvet and makes the vehicle looks really bold! There are various designs and colors available to suit everyone’s wishes.

PROTECTION | A lot of original saddles of motor bikes and scooters are fragile and easy to damage. Replacement of the saddle often costs a lot of money. The AirflowSeat also protects your original saddle so the vehicle retains a higher value as it is less damaged in case of selling. The AirflowSeat consists of two layers of high quality, thick, durable, scattering silver fibers which can bear up to 140 kg.

RAIN | Everybody knows how uncomfortable it is to sit on a wet saddle after it has been raining. Also it is an unwelcome work to take of the water from your saddle every time it gets wet. The AirflowSeat reduces the water which stays on the saddle to 40-60%. This can easily be achieved by tapping on the saddle with your hand. The remaining water of course will be ventilated and vaporized the same way as sweat once the vehicle starts moving.

HEALTH | As the AirflowSeat prevents from sweating in warm weather and reduces the water retaining on the saddle on the saddle in rain, it keeps the skin and bottom healthier than a standard seat. There is less chance on dry skin, fungal skin diseases and hemorrhoids for example. Also there is a decrease in physical complaints with existing skin problems.

EASY ASSEMBLY | The AirflowSeat is very easy and quick to assemble because of the elastic material. Also the AirflowSeat is washable, anti-fungus and easy foldable for storage. One size can be used for many types of vehicles.